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Ernest Borgonovo

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El Porteño Tango Ernesto

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Representative of Kobe Argentine Tango Class "Academia de Tango El Porteño". Jury member of the Asian Tango World Tournament (2016), member of the Kansai Tango Festival, Dance Studio SoL (Osaka / Nishitenma), and director of the Japan Tango Federation (FJTA).


Since 1997 Gabriel Angio y Natalia Games, Mingo y Esther Pugliese, Raúl Bravo, Néstor Ray, José Vázquez Lampazo, El Gallego Manolo, Vanina Bilous, Fernando Galera, Vilma Vega, Natalia Hills, Gabriel Misse, Petaca, Jorge Dispari y María del After learning from many tango masters such as Carmen, Damian Esell y Nancy Louzan and playing an active part in various parts of Argentina, he came to Japan in 2001 to spread the art of Argentine tango.


Starred as the main character in the Cannes Film Festival nominated film "NO SOTROS". In addition to doing charitable activities to donate event income to hospitals and schools in his native Argentina, he is also invited to Asia and Europe every year as a lecturer. He has a wealth of experience in media such as supervising Tango of Cirque du Soleil "Alegria", choreographing figure skater Detective Tanaka, and co-starring with Nakagawa family, Football Hour, Morisanchu, Aya Sugimoto, etc.


Currently hosting lessons, milongas, and events mainly in Kobe and Osaka. We continue to vigorously provide opportunities to experience real Argentine tango.


[Past company request results]

The Ritz-Carlton Osaka, Hilton Osaka, Hotel Monterey, Riga Royal Hotel, Imperial Hotel, Hankyu Hotel, Hankyu Transportation Company, Hyatt, Hotel New Otani, Kobe Oriental Hotel, Kitano Club Sora, Kobe Foreign Club, Yoshimoto Kogyo, Kansai TV, Concerto , Swarovski Bodega Norton, Asahi Shimbun, Embassy of Japan in Argentina, etc.


[Events hosted by artists in Japan]

TANGO NEGRO, Jorge & La Turca, Fernando & Vilma, Alicia Monti, Natalia Hills & Alejandro Aquino, Gabriel Misse, Sergio Cortazzo, Carlos Rivarola, etc.

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El destino nos llevo al tango, y el tango nos dio un destino común, un amor, una familia, amigos, lugares, aprendizajes, y mucha vida. Tratamos de ser fieles a ese destino y seguir consolidando el baile desde nuestro sentir.
El Porteño Tango Kobe
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